Pasteles and Abacaxi

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The sun is shining. The breeze is blowing gently. The smell of lilacs is in the air. It’s spring people. And time for light, lovely spring treats.

These two dishes made appearances at a party I held last month. The pasteles de guayaba were requested by my friend–they’re soft, flaky pillows filled with sweet, sticky guava paste. The abacaxi (AH-BAH-CA-SHEE) com hortelan (pineapple with mint) was served as a palette cleanser between the night’s savory and sweet dishes. It’s a crisp, refreshing, frothy drink inspired by one of my favorite country in the world–Brasil.

The pasteles are super easy to make, especially if you use premade puff pastry. The abacaxi com hortelan is one of those drinks that truly amazes. It’s such a novel and tasty combination for most folks that when they taste it, they can’t believe it contains only two ingredients. I hope you try both the pasteles and the abacaxi com hortelan… I know you’ll love them!

Also, a few things. 1. I’d like to thank Elise for the award she passed on to me. Check out her blog, her food is super creative and looks absolutely delicious! 2. Don’t forget Becky’s online bake sale on May 2nd to benefit the American Cancer Society. 3. I’m running my second 5K is as many months–a race to eradicate cancers in women. Wish me luck!!! and Happy Friday!!!

Pasteles de Guayaba and Abacaxi Com Hortelan (Printable Recipe)

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Pasteles de Guayaba


2 sheets pre-made puff pastry (or make your own)

guava paste (my favorite is Goya)

1 egg

1 tablespoon milk

turbinado sugar (for sprinkling)

flour (for rolling out puff pastry)

*Sprinkle flour on countertop or table. Roll out one sheet of puff pastry to about 1/4 inch thickness. Add slices of guava paste to top of puff pastry. Roll out second sheet of puff pastry to about 1/4 inch thickness. Add second sheet of puff pastry to the top of the first sheet. Cut into twelve rectangles (pasteles). Seal the edges of each pastel with a fork.

*Whisk the egg and milk. Brush on the top of the pasteles. Sprinkle the top of the pasteles with sugar. Bake for approximately 20 minutes or until golden brown.

*     *     *

Abacaxi com Hortelan


1 pineapple–cut into chunks and chilled

1 large bunch of mint–washed


*Peel and slice pineapple. Chill pineapple. Add chilled pineapple and mint to blender. Blend. Enjoy!

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  1. Both these dishes are lovely.
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  2. Hi, look wonderfoul, I love abacaxi (piña in spanish) and my husband is crazy about guayaba, thanks for sharing this recipe

  3. Hi Tiffany, thanks I’m excited too. I can’t wait to see all the goodies at the bake sale, I’ve never used guava paste before, but I will be on the lookout for some.

  4. the pastries look amazing and what a wonderful combo of pineapples and mint for a smoothie! love it!

  5. Pineapple and mint – that’s it?! I don’t think I’ve seen something more delicious-sounding all day. 🙂

  6. That pineapple looks so yum.

    Good luck with your race tomorrow! My second 5k was my favorite race.

  7. I haven’t had pasteles with guava in aaaaages. Now you’ve gone and given me a wicked bad craving for them. 🙂 I sometimes like to tuck a little yellow cheese in with the guava paste, if I’m in a not-so-sweet kind of mood.
    The abacaxi with mint sounds like a perfect companion – cool and refreshing!

  8. The abacaxi sounds so refreshing with mint, and I adore pasteles!

  9. Both these sound great. I LOVE Brazilian food. Congrats and good luck on the 5 k…..I wish I had the drive to do one.

  10. Love the flavors, love the dishes! I’m gonna have to give those lovely guava pasteles a try. There’s loads of guava here and I never have any idea what to do with it. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing and good luck with your 5K!

  11. I love anything pineapple…so this drink sounds amazing…and so refreshing with the mint! And even though I’ve never tried guava paste, if puff pastry is wrapped around it, I’m sure it’s divine 🙂

  12. Pineapple and mint are 2 of my favorite flavors but I never thought to combine them. Sounds like a refreshing and wonderful drink!

  13. This pineapple and mint drink sounds so good and refreshing! And so simple too! Yum 🙂

  14. Hi Tiffany! The Guava pastry (um I still can’t remember the name) looks so delicious! I love guava and I love puff pastry. Where do you get the brand of guava paste? And the drink (um I can’t remember the name again haha) looks so delicious and WHAT, just two ingredients and nothing else? For sure we’ll all make. So easy! Good luck with 5K and bake sale, and congrats on awards! Happy Friday!

  15. I was super intrigued by the names alone! I can see me now with a freshly baked pan of Pasteles, hoarding them! I’ve had guava once and loved it, guess it’s time for a revisit. Now for the Abacaxi, yummy indeed, how about adding a shot of rum?!?!? Good luck with the race, I know you’ll do well.

  16. You have such unique recipes! These look scrumptious! : )

  17. Tiffany, love the sound of your abacaxi: sounds so deliciously refreshing and your pastries look gorgeous. Good luck in the run: way to go, girl!!

  18. Oh my. This looks so delicious. I’ve seen guava paste at my grocery store and have always wanted to buy it and use it…somehow. Now I have a recipe.

  19. These both sound amazing. Can you come over and make me those pasteles please? You have me craving them right now. I never served a palate cleanser at a dinner party, look at you 🙂 I may have to try this as one next time.

  20. There are rumors of sunshine here in Seattle and I think recipes are just the thing to celebrate with. So glad you shared them! Have a good weekend!!

  21. There are rumors of sunshine here in Seattle and I think your recipes are just the thing to celebrate with. So glad you shared them! Have a good weekend!!

  22. Sorry for the double, well now, triple comments…internet issues

  23. I adore pineapple so I know I’d like the drink. I think I’d love the little turnovers too! I am not even going to try spelling either of them, though 😉

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