Over time, I have gotten a number of questions about various processes and products featured on Como Water. Usually, I just answer the question within the comments section of the post, or send the reader an answer personally. Then something from my teaching days dawned on me… If one person has the question, it’s likely that someone else has the question too! So, I started this page to highlight the various questions that I receive and my responses to them. So, keep the questions coming! And, I am sure this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway… All opinions are my own! ūüėÄ


Q: I want to make your Nutella Rice Krispies treats, but I’m vegan and marshmallows have gelatin!
A: There are vegan marshmallows! I found mine at Whole Foods (surprise, surprise), but there are others that you can order online. Check out these: Sweet and Sara¬†and Dandies. Also, if you’d like to try your hand at making your own, here’s a recipe!
Q: Do you know of any vegan Worchestire sauces?
A: Ah, YES! ūüėÄ Annie’s. Lovely, lovely Annie’s. And if you do not live close to a place that sells it, you’re in luck… it’s sold online! The Wizard’s Organic Sauces¬†also makes a vegan version that can be bought online.¬†
Q: What is this “Earth Balance” you use in your posts and is there a substitute for it?
A: Earth Balance is a vegan butter substitute. If you are trying to keep the dish vegan, you can use a vegan margarine or some type of oil (i.e., olive oil) instead of Earth Balance. If you do not care about the dish being vegan, you can use good old fashioned butter!
Q: How do you stay thin with all of the baked goods you make???
A: I use a bunch of different strategies. First, whenever I bake cookies, I usually only bake up a couple at a time, and then freeze or refrigerate the dough. I usually only eat 1-2 cookies a day and a batch lasts quite some time. Also, I’m usually baking for an event, in which case I have help eating the dessert. When I’m not baking for a specific occasion, I bring the goods in to work and my co-workers help me eat them! ūüėÄ
Q: What kind of juicer do you use?
A: My sister gave me her juicer when she bought a new one. It doesn’t have a brand on it, but I’m pretty sure it’s the Breville Juice Fountain Plus.¬†
Q: Wait, what? Sugar isn’t vegan?
A: Sorry, my friends. Most of it isn’t. Over 50% of the cane sugar in the United States uses bone char to whiten it. On the other hand, vegan sugar doesn’t. What does vegan cane sugar use to whiten, if not bone char? There are a few different answers to this. Some¬†vegan¬†sugar¬†doesn’t decolorize at all. Other¬†vegan¬†sugar¬†is dehydrated and granulated cane juice. The Whole Foods¬†vegan¬†sugar¬†that I use goes through a 100% animal-free carbon deactivation process to decolorize. If you’d like more information on¬†vegan¬†sugar, check out these links:¬†vegsource¬†and¬†veganproducts.
Q: How do you make vegan brown sugar then?
A: Using a hand blender, mix 1 cup vegan cane sugar + 1 tablespoon molasses for light brown sugar (2 tbs. for dark brown).
Q: I am not able to make one of your group cooking classes. Do you give private lessons?
A: Absolutely! Email me at tiffany@comowater.com and we can set them up.
Q: You’ve mentioned the concept of Mindful Eating in multiple posts. How can I learn more?¬†
A: I would say, first, read this great book for yourself–Mindful Eating¬†(Click¬†HERE¬†for Como Water Review). There are also a bunch of resources at the end of the book and online.¬†
Q: WHO did your website?
A: That would be Norman! He’s great (and vegan!). Check out his work here.¬†
Q: WHO took your portrait/”about me” photos?
A: That would be Rhonisha! She’s great! Check out her work here.