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Make the Everyday A Meditation

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Make the Everyday A Meditation

I must confess, I went on another documentary binge this weekend! This binge consisted of a more positive subject than my usual history lesson–I engaged the subjects of Shaolin Buddhism and Coptic Christianity. Super interesting (what did we EVER do before YouTube?!?), but rather than bombard you with fun little tidbits from the films, I’ll just share one take away that I had. We do have time for mindfulness.

Not having enough time is an excuse for all sorts of things, including not meditating, but after watching the Shaolin Buddhism doc, and observing how they treated so many ordinary acts like a meditation (carrying heavy loads up stairs, mopping, etc.), I realized that I could treat the activities that comprise my everyday like a meditation.

The realization came last night as I was constructing my Thanksgiving take aways and I found myself rushing for no reason. I didn’t have anywhere to go. Technically, I didn’t have anything else that I had to be doing. But there I was, rushing, my heart rate elevated, for no reason. Luckily, I realized this and literally said out loud–why don’t I treat this like a meditation? And so I did. I slowed down and took my time with the repetitious activity (I’m being cryptic because I do not want to give away what I was doing… there are Como Water members coming to Thanksgiving next week and I want it to be a surprise!) and experienced the calm come over me.

It was wonderful and I’ve already applied it to other activities like detangling and twisting my hair, folding laundry, and sweeping the floor. So while we can’t add hours to the day, we can assess what we do day in and day out, and try to do those things with more care and with more consciousness.

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